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Need More Ubuntu?

To add new additional information to the previous article about the Ubuntu CE (the unofficial Christian Edition of Ubuntu). That article can be found here.

There are a few free resources that are highly suggested to help one learn this operating system: the Ubuntu Training wiki's pdfs, the Ubuntu Pocket Guide and Reference is free as a pdf, and Ubuntu Apps is free as a pdf. Aslo Canonical has come out with a site and service called Ubuntu One. Ubuntu One gives Ubuntu distros 2gb of free online file storage which has syncing and sharing capabilities. The 2gb can be increased through an optional, and paid, subscription service.

Find Resources:

Ubuntu Training Course Guides here.

Ubuntu Pocket Guide and Reference here.

Ubuntu Apps here.

Ubuntu One site here.

A New Update

Apologies are given for the extensive absence. Regular lives has slowed this site's progress though it is slowly getting under way again. Plans include getting a few new articles out slowly while the site is updated and optimized to load a little faster. Thank you for your patience and keep an eye on exMusix for much more to come!

Free Advertisement Guidelines

exMusix has began in the right navigation panel a spot for 4 free 125x125 pixel advertisement spots. Yes this is free advertisement and look below for the guidelines:

Who is it for?

Nonprofit Christian organizations - IE, Christian churches, Christian charities, etc. Remember this is for nonprofit organizations only.

Is it really free?

Yes, of course it is! Note that I will accept small donations via Paypal, BUT it is not required and nor do I expect it. So do not let that hesitate you from applying.

How long does the advertisement go for?

When you apply you are essentially put on a waiting list. The 4 advertisement slots are rotated each month, so the advertisement duration is around 30 days. You will be notified one month in advance to your time of advertisement to confirm you are still interested in the advertisement. Yes you must reply and confirm, but you do not need to worry about it otherwise because you will be notified once your ad is ready to go up. Also note that if there aren't any ads ahead of yours (none in waiting) I will keep your ad up past the one month period until a replacement has applied. Ads up the longest will be rotated out first in this situation.

What can the ads consist of?

The material must be family and Christian oriented. It must be appropriate to these standards, and include nothing of unChristianly material or anything of shock value. The message needs to be brief so that it can fit in the small square. You can also include an image on it or picture if you want. If you have a website the ad can linkback to any website or page of a website that you want so long as the website is also considered appropriate.

Do we need to provide an image for the ad or do you design it yourself?

exMusix will handle graphics design, but only on a basic level. Expect a simple textured/colored background with a possible simple image or icon on it and a brief message. Do not expect anything elaborate from us. If you want something more personal or sophisticated you will have to provide it yourself. If you provide an image please try to make it so that it is either already a square image or so that it can be cropped to be a square image with at cutting any of the image off. The ads are 125x125. When they are scaled down to fit the ad's proportions if it is not a square image it can squish or stretch it so that it will look awkward and improper.

How many ads can we have at one time?

You may only ever have one ad up on the site and in waiting at any point in time. This limit is to give other organizations opportunity at advertisement as well.

Will you ever increase the number of free ads on your site?

That is a possibility in the future though exMusix is not considering it at this point in time.

How do I apply?

Send your request to Put "Free Advertisement Request" in the subject line. exMusix needs contact information from you so that you can be contacted for confirmation or if anything else comes up. Also if you have an image ready for your ad be sure to include it in attachments (JPEG, GIF, & PNG are the preferred image formats).

Newsboys New Vocalist Michael Tait

So it's been floating around for a short period of time that Peter Furler is stepping down as the lead vocalist of Newsboys and is to be superseded by Michael Tait of dcTalk.

This has come about as Peter Furler with all of the work that is done with the band and he has done for so many years was fearing a burnout. The end result is that he will still be involved in the songwriting and production of the Newsboys music, but he will no longer front the band.

Michael Tait of dcTalk is to be the replacement. At the time this came about he was working on his first pop album and got a phone call from them. He felt that this was a great fit and decided to delve right into it with the Newsboys.

Since the claimed transition Peter has joined with them on select dates on tour. Perhaps he may continue to do this and periodically guest appearances may be an option and is being done throughout the transition.

The Newsboys have a new album out May 5, 2009. It is obvious their first single "In the Hands of God is performed by Peter on vocals. What is to become of the rest of the album will be interesting to see.

If you would like to buy the single "In the Hands of God" you can pick it up from Amazon MP3 here.

The Newsboys Official homepage is found here.

There are two videos linked below that are very informative about the situation if you wish to hear more:

Michael Tait Joins Newsboys - BattleCry Dallas on YouTube here.

Michael Tait Performs With Newsboys - Exclusive Interview With Tait & Duncan Phillips on YouTube here.

Scandinavian Metal Praise

So I wanted to throw out this Finish band I found called Scandinavian Metal Praise. This is Metal instrumentation combined with a female vocalist performing in Praise. It is an interesting combination, and it actually blends quite well.

You can Listen to three Metal Praise songs on their Myspace here.

exMusix 1Q'09 Top 10 Singles

exMusix First Quarter 2009 Top 10 Christian Singles:

10) "Flush" by Brian "Head" Welch
Give it a listen on Head's Myspace here.

9) "Don't Waste Your Life" by Lecrae
Give it a listen on Lecrae's Myspace here.

8) "Lose My Soul" by tobyMac
Give it a listen on tobyMac's Myspace here.

7) "Finally Home" by MercyMe
Give it a listen on MercyMe's Myspace here.

6) "Cinderella" by Steven Curtis Chapman
Give it a listen on Chapman's Myspace here.

5) "All That Matters" by Addison Road
Give it a listen on Addison Road's Myspace here.

4) "Unbreakable" by Fireflight
Give it a listen on Fireflight's Myspace here.

3) "Chorus of the Saints" by Revive
Give it a listen on Revive's Myspace here.

2) "Whispers in the Dark" by Skillet
Give it a listen on Skillet's Myspace here.

1) "There Will Be a Day" by Jeremy Camp
Give it a listen on Jeremy's Myspace here.

Prayers For Italy

In the wake of the horrible destruction that has occurred in Italy due to a 6.3 earthquake let us all keep the victims and their families in our prayers.

This disaster has left more than 90 dead, 1,500 injured, and 100,000 homeless.

Let us all keep hem in our prayers. If you can help monetarily the British Red Cross has set up a disaster fund for this and you can read more about it all here.

If you would like to learn more about this natural disaster in general the BBC has a very informative article with video found here.

Feed Subsciptions

If you haven't noticed the RSS links at the top of the page they are there at the top left for any who wish to monitor this blog by RSS feed.

Also, the email subscription is now up and running. If you wish to subscribe to the feed via email submit your email address in the "Subscribe for the email feed" field in the navigation bar on the right.

You can check out all the links below as well:

Posts RSS here.

Comments RSS here.

RSS Email here.

The GMA Dove Awards 2009

The 40th Annual GMA Dove Awards are almost upon us. These awards are unique because for the first time they are allowing the public to have a voice in voting for the Artist of the Year and New Artist of the Year categories! This year plan to watch the awards Live! on the Gospel Music Channel April 23, at 8pm EST.

So let's look at 2009's Nominees for these two categories:

Casting Crowns
Steven Curtis Chapman
Marvin Sapp
Third Day
Chris Tomlin

Addison Road
Francesca Battistelli
Jonathan Nelson
Remedy Drive
Chris Sligh
Tenth Avenue North

So do you want to participate?

Voting Rules:
1. You may cast only one online and one SMS vote in each category.
2. You may visit the voting page as often as you like. For instance, you can vote for one category now and return to vote for another category later.
3. All votes must be submitted between February 26th and April 23rd 2009, inclusive.
4. All votes are final once cast unless disqualified for some reason.

If this interests you each of the artists you can for are presented below with the voting link, sms information, and links to listen to their music on Myspace if you need to check some of them out before voting:

Doves Online Voting here.

Artist of the Year:
Vote For / Text To / Check Me Out:
Casting Crowns / DOVE CCROWNS to 72648 / Click here.
Steven Curtis Chapman / DOVE SCCHAPMAN to 72648 / Click here.
Fireflight / DOVE FFLIGHT to 72648 / Click here.
Marvin Sapp / DOVE MSAPP to 72648 / Click here.
Third Day / DOVE THIRDDAY to 72648 / Click here.
tobyMac / DOVE TOBYMAC to 72648 / Click here.
Chris Tomlin / DOVE CTOMLIN to 72648 / Click here.

New Artist of the Year:
Vote For / Text To / Check Me Out:
Addison Road / DOVE ADDISON to 72648 / Click here.
Francesca Battistelli / DOVE FRANCESCA to 72648 / Click here.
Fee / DOVE FEE to 72648 / Click here.
Jonathan Nelson / DOVE JNELSON to 72648 / Click here.
Remedy Drive / DOVE REMEDY to 72648 / Click here.
Chris Sligh / DOVE CSLIGH to 72648 / Click here.
Tenth Avenue North / DOVE AVENUE to 72648 / Click here.

If you would like to check out the rest of this year's Nominees and Categories click here.

Turned Off By Hip Hop?

Are you turned off by Hip Hop because of the main stream or popular culture that can be associated with it? The womanizing? The violence? The alcohol abuse? Well there are artists out there dedicated to the Christian message. One of those is Lecrae. Lecrae is Christian rap, but very much filled with the gospel and isn't afraid to rap about good messages.

The Lecrae Myspace page here.

The Lecrae Amazon store here.

According to Streaming Faith Lacrae has been doing very well including spending time at the #1 position of Billboard's Gospel charts towards the end of 2008. Here is some of what Streaming Faith had to say about it:

"Since debuting on Sept. 30, the album from Reach Records' recording artist Lecrae, maintains the No. 1 position on Billboard's Top Gospel Album chart for the second week.

Making history as the first Christian Rap album to sit in the top position, "Rebel" has ended the 18-week run of Marvin Sapp's "Thirsty," placing it in the No. 2 position while Voices' "The Ultimate Gospel Collection," CeCe Winans' "Thy Kingdom Come," and Shekinah Glory's "Jesus" complete the Top 5 positions, respectively.

"Rebel" also maintains top placement on Billboards' Top Christian/Gospel Album chart, and also closed out the week in the No. 5 position on iTunes' Top Rap/Hip Hop Album following T.I.'s "Paper Trail," Lil Wayne's "Tha Carter III," and Young Jeezy's "The Recession.""

To check out the rest of the article go here.

Watch Lecrae's video for "Praying For You" below:

Click here.

Need a Bible Now?

Need a Bible right away? Well this can be quick and easy so long as you don't mind it being in digital format (pdf specifically). Single Seed Ministries offers a KJV Holy Bible in pdf for free to download from their website. Click on the link below:

Get your free KJV Bible in pdf format from Single Seed Ministries here.

Skillet Skillz

Skillet is an awesome pop/rock/punk Christian band. If you haven't heard Skillet you have been missing out. Not too much to write about as far as current events go, but below will be their website link, their Reverb Nation widget and a fan hosted music video. So check them out below if you haven't already done so!

The Skillet official site here.

Check out Skillet's video for Whispers in the Dark on YouTube below:

Click here.

Check out Skillet's Reverb Nation TuneWidget below:

Click here.

Skillet is also up for the GMA Dove Awards Group of the Year which you can look at here.

Ubuntu CE

What is Ubuntu CE?

Ubuntu CE is a third party "Christian Edition" Ubuntu based derivative of the Linux operating system for computers.

So what is so important about this operating system?

Well, one advantage of Linux is that it can be free if the derivative's makers want it to be, and it so happens that Ubuntu CE is free. Another advantage of it is that it is Christian focused in its included software and settings.

What is some of the Christian software included?

There is the GnomeSword bible study software (as well as numerous other study tools) and Dansguardian web content parental controls to name a couple.

What does Ubuntu CE look like?

Would Ubuntu CE be right for me?

For the Christian it depends on your daily computer needs or knowledge and ambition. The main concern many users have with Linux is that getting Windows software to run can be complicated although it can be done. So if you regularly need Windows specific software unless you are knowledgeable with Linux already or have the ambition to learn the Ubuntu CE Linux OS may not be for you. However, Ubuntu is very user friendly and simple. If you have basic computer needs whether it be needing image software, a word processor, an internet browser, may be a few simple games, etc. this can be a very viable option for you. Again another advantage of this operating system is that it is free and there is a lot of free software out there for it as well, and if you are tight on money and you need an operating system for a computer this can be advantageous for you as well.

Where can I get Ubuntu CE?

You can get it by direct download, torrent, or other options via its official website here.

If you want to see a little more first check out this video of Ubuntu CE hosted by JesusTV below:

Click here.

Brian "Head" Welch

Brian "Head" Welch was originally a founding member and guitarist of Korn. Reborn as a Christian he left Korn and now does his own Christian music. His story is a unique and interesting one and the music is good. If you are interested in buying his material you can get his cd from Family Christian here, and he also has a companion autobiography which you can get from Amazon here.

Below is the Bio from his official website here.

"Brian "Head" Welch is from Bakersfield, California. At the tender age of 11, Head picked up a guitar and found his original calling. Barely out of high school, he helped found the controversial rock band Korn. The band became a grammy award winning, multi-platinum selling band, and quickly soared to the top of the music world while selling some 30 Million records internationally. The band was credited with being the major influence in the rise of the Nu Metal Movement. While with Korn, Head won two grammy awards and several MTV music video awards.

In February 2005, Head shocked the music world when he resigned from Korn to re-dedicate his life to Christ and focus on raising his daughter, Jennea, as a single father. The event set off a media frenzy as observers around the world sought out to understand what led this rock star out of the darkness and into the light.

Significantly, and perhaps most importantly, upon his resignation from Korn, Head made clear to the music world that he had not retired from the music and entertainment industry. With his newfound calling, Head is committed to changing the youth of this nation through his music and other entertainment ventures. In this regard, Head penned an autobiography of his life, picked up and released by Harper Collins Publishers in July 2007, entitled, "Save Me From Myself." Head gained further acclaim as a successful author, when the book quickly hit the New York Times Best Seller List (non-fiction). In his memoir, Head talks for the first time about his shocking embrace of God, and the tumultuous decade of drug and alcohol addiction that led him to his faith, where he was completely and instantly healed of his addictions.

Heads debut album also entitled, "Save Me From Myself," is a testimony of his life as he battled with drug and alcohol addiction, leaving KoRn, and finding spirituality. His debut album is a heavy metal epic, with a positive message. It will leave no doubt in everyones mind that Head, as a founding member of KoRn, has not lost his passion for the metal sound that originally helped make his former band famous. The Debut Album is set for release September 09, and features renown musicians such as Tony Levin (Peter Gabriel, Alice Cooper, David Bowie), Josh Freese (A Perfect Circle, Evanescence, Nine Inch Nails). The first single, Flush, will be available exclusively on I-Tunes on July 8th. The album was mixed by Bob Clearmountain, Ralph Patlan, and Head himself."

Below is an interesting video on YouTube about his awesome story:

Click here.

Below is the official music video for his song "Flush":

Click here.

And finally, below is The Making of "Flush":

Click here.


Welcome to exMusix! This blog is dedicated to contemporary Christian material. In this blog I will write a lot about music, but I will also cover lots of other topics here and there as well. Thank you for visiting, and please check back now and then for new posts and material. God Bless.

Newsboys ItHoG MP3

Newsboys New Vocal...

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Dove Awards

GMA Dove Awards 2009

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Skillet Skillz

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Turned Off By Hip Hop?

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